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Our Approach

Opportunities at Future Perfect


Future Perfect is staffed by a blend of full-time, part-time and contract employees. We are always interested to hear from you, if you see yourself as part of the Future Perfect team.

Contracting: We are very keen to hear from people seeking contract employment opportunities in the following areas:

Instructional Design – you will need Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (or equivalent) and excellent skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Your specialist areas should be finance or procedural, but there are occasional opportunities in soft skills design as well, e.g. networking skills, sales skills, supervisory skills and performance management.
Facilitation – you will need Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (or equivalent) and excellent presentation skills. We would be very keen to hear from facilitators with expertise in finance, procedural/technical training, human resources, negotiation skills, corporate governance and conflict management.

Permanent: although we are not currently seeking to appoint additional permanent staff, you are welcome to send us your resume to cover future positions that might become available. Experienced Business Development Managers, especially seeking part-time work, should send details as soon as possible.

Business Opportunities:

Strategic alliances – Future Perfect operates in strategic alliances with several companies and organisations to ensure that clients of all businesses in the alliance are able to obtain the best solution to their needs at all times. Please contact us if you have an interest in a consortium approach to provision of customer solutions.
Brokering – with a suite of ten robust training programs, there are opportunities for brokers to take our products to market on a commission basis. We’re keen to hear from you if you would like to sell places on our top-quality training programs.
Training Vouchers – an emerging cost effective solution for business’s training needs is the purchase of training vouchers or credits. The purchase of parcels of training days represents a substantial discount from single purchases.
Intellectual Property – Future Perfect is interested in both purchasing and selling intellectual property rights in certain training programs. These programs need to be complementary to our existing suite and need to be of a comparable standard to our existing programs.